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Hi, :iconchef-cheiro: disini

Fiuh, jadi admin gerilya disini capek juga walau cuman kerjaannya ngefave gambar2 para member. Udah gitu, :iconfroogiechan: kaga pernah update. Dan gua sendiri bingung mo ngapain?

dengan sukarela mohon dung ada yg bersedia jadi admin freakhigh, aga club ini tidak mati >.< moga2 dengan adanya admin yg baru freakhigh punya visi dan misi yg baru agar menjadi club yg lebih baik pula

This Club is created in Deviant Art to gather the various members of Freakschools scattered in Deviant Art. Our hopes is to strengthen the relationship of the members, so we know better about each member and their works!

About Freakschool:
Freakschool is a forum originally created by :iconguylon:. It is a place to discuss about art and design, anime and also comics/manga. You are invited to join the forum, but please be aware that it is an Indonesian forum!

If you are a member of Freakschool, then this is the right place to start finding your other pals! If you happen to have other's id, please send us a note! :)

:glomp: :glomp: :glomp: :glomp:
So far we've located:
:iconguylon: :iconstudiozoo: :iconchef-cheiro: :iconwahyudil: :iconredcatindonesia: :iconaitmedusa: :iconndolop: :iconsunnygho: :iconplue: :iconryuumajin: :iconncus: :iconfroggiechan: :iconjinguj: :iconmagedoze: :iconultranguik: :iconscarlet-dragonchild: :iconichsanw: :iconpegahoul: :iconupierzy: :iconwenart: :iconanjin-chan: :icontextandpictstudio: :iconkomikers: :iconhaneep: :iconwirya: :iconmataharipagi: :iconk4rna: :iconburd: :iconernn:  :iconpangketepang: ::iconpegahoul: :iconmoet-moet:  

The Admin of This DA Freakschool
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February 21, 2007


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